The backbone of the shipping industry, pallets are economical, versatile, and reusable.

Depending on the merchandise you’re shipping (its size, weight, storage requirements and shipping method), pallets make a great option for sturdy goods that require minimal protection.

Available in custom sizes, we use the latest PDS technology, backed with our years of expertise to determine the optimal size and make up of your pallets.

The Best Pallets Come With a Partnership

It’s vital that your pallets are designed to meet your exact shipping needs – no more, no less. Over-engineered pallets are wasteful and costly; under engineered pallets don’t hold up. Whether square footage is your concern, compatibility with forklifts, or stacking, you need to know that the product will get the job done – without costing more than necessary.

That’s why buying pallets—or any wood packaging– is about more than just the product. It’s also about the professionalism, integrity, expertise, and sound advice of your manufacturer, who’s really your wood packaging partner.

Strength Starts With the Lumber

To hold up against the wear and tear of shipping, pallets have to be built with lumber that will last which is why we only use grade-three or higher kiln-dried pine lumber, hardwood or green pine—fewer imperfections in the wood lead to long-term savings. We also keep our finished products completely dry in our unique dry storage facility to protect your goods against moisture damage.