Boxes are fully enclosed wood packaging that provide optimal protection during shipping. Ideal for high-end items, finished products, or goods that require special care, the strength and solidity of our custom-made boxes helps to ensure your freight arrives undamaged. The added advantage of boxes is that they’re stackable – so you can save square footage in storage and in shipping.

Quality Starts With the Lumber

A well-made box that can be used for years starts with quality lumber. At West Side Wood Products, quality wood is more than just a promise. It’s proof.

The lumber we use for our boxes is:

  • Grade-three or higher, never economy grade for the outmost durability.
  • Heat-treated and ISPM-15 certified so that it meets the requirements to ship internationally.
  • Stored and delivered dry to keep the wood in top condition and protect your goods from moisture.

Are Boxes Right for Your Product?

100% enclosed, boxes surround your items with 360 degree protection. This prevents them from being crushed, scratched, bent, dented, or touched during transit. From precious metals to helicopter blades, boxes are the choice when you need certainty and peace of mind.