When your high-end goods need the ultimate protection, nothing less than a custom-built box will do. Completely solid using Heat Treated Grade 3 or better lumber, boxes keep your shipments from getting scratched, bent, or otherwise damaged in shipping. We are able to design and engineer your box to specification using our Solid Works software. This enables you to stack your boxes to save on square footage in storage and in shipping. The best part? Boxes are reusable.


Because they use less lumber, crates can be an economical alternative to provide sound protection on sturdy goods or non-finished products. Perfect for one-way shipping, our crates are made from Heat Treated Grade 3 or better lumber and – like all our products—are ISPM-15 certified. With our Solid Works design software; we can engineer the exact size you need – saving you money and floor space.


For great economy shipping, pallets are unbeatable. Designed using our PDS software, our pallets are made using hardwood, green pine or grade-three or higher lumber—they are strong and durable. Available in standard and custom sizes, pallets provide great value because they can be reused or recycled – which is also great for the environment.